Another Big Success for a South Superior Cat

He showed up on the front steps of a caregivers house and asked for a little food and a warm place to stay.  Lucky his new friend had a big heart. She fed and kept an eye on him for several weeks before calling Critter Harbor.

She just couldn’t tell if his ear was tipped or not.  When Matt trapped Henry he did in fact have an “ear tip” from living a hard life, not a from a vet.

So Henry made his way to the vet for his neuter surgery.  During the surgery the vet at Northland Veterinary Clinic found that Henry also had four canine teeth that were broke and he had fleas too. The vet treated the fleas that day.

Next week Henry made a journey back NVC and had his four teeth removed.  He is happily living back at his caregivers house now full of food and pain free.

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